Telephone services 

Updated: 31.10.2014 - Next update: 18.8.2015

The use of traditional telephone services is decreasing

During the first half of 2014, Finns placed calls amounting to around 8.3 call minutes per day, on average, when taking into account calls made in both the fixed network and the mobile network. Over the past seven years, the corresponding number of call minutes has varied between 8.4 and 9 minutes. On average, Finns sent 1.7 text messages, whereas the corresponding number was 2.2 at the end of 2012. 

The number of call minutes made from the mobile network decreased during the first half of 2014 by less than 2 per cent compared to the previous period. This is first time when the number has decreased on two consecutive half-years, indicating that the number of made calls is dropping. The number of call minutes made from the fixed network decreased during the first half of the year less than 7 per cent, which follows a long-lasting trend.

2013 was the first year when the number of sent text messages decreased in Finland. The number decreased by around 10 per cent from the previous year. The speed of the drop has accelerated during the first half of 2014. However, the number of multimedia messages continues to grow, although they amount to only a few per cent of all messages. Despite of this, it is noteworthy that the amount of data transferred in the mobile network increases at the same time at a biannual rate of more than 30 per cent. This data comprises, among others, the use of e-mail and instant messengers on the internet.

More statistics related to telephone and broadband services as well as further information on the development of these can be found on FICORA's statistics pages.

Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority

Description of indicator

The data is collected bi-annually. Call minutes and the number of messages have been reported in millions during the time periods of 1 January - 30 June and 1 July - 31 December.

Fixed network call minutes contain the total number of call minutes made by household and corporate customers from the fixed network (including local, national and international calls, calls to service and freephone numbers and national corporate numbers and mobile subscriptions).

The number of minutes of mobile calls made in Finland (subscriptions or prepaid) by household and corporate customers is included in the title 'Mobile call minutes'.

The number of SMS messages includes all text messages sent in Finland.

The number of MMS messages includes all multimedia messages sent in Finland.