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Updated: 26.11.2013 - Next update: 27.11.2014

Amount of burnt municipal waste increased close on million tonnes

Last year, approximately 0.9 million tonnes of municipal waste was delivered to treatment plants for incineration. The share of incineration in treatment of municipal waste grew to one-third, close to the average in western European countries. Mixed municipal waste, in particular, was burned more than before, the amount grew to 520,000 tonnes. Burning of mixed municipal waste started to become more common after 2006, when it was only one-fifth of the current level.

Simultaneously, in 2012 the amount of municipal waste at landfills dropped below one million tonnes for the first time in decades. Altogether, 901,000 tonnes of waste was deposited at landfills, of which almost all, 97 per cent, was mixed municipal waste. The share of landfills in treatment of municipal waste decreased to 33 per cent. Five years ago, one-half of municipal waste was still transported to landfill sites.

All in all, the amount of municipal waste grew to 2.74 million tonnes in 2012. Slightly under one-half of municipal waste was collected separately, that is, sorted where it was generated, either for recycling or incineration. The largest separately collected waste components in descending order were paper and board waste, organic waste, metal waste, electrical and electronic waste, wood, plastic and glass waste. In addition, energy waste that consists of several types of materials was also collected separately.

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Description of indicator

Municipal waste refers to waste generated in households and waste comparable to household waste generated in production, especially in the service industries. The general common feature of municipal waste is that it is generated in the consumption of final products in communities and is covered by municipal waste management systems. Waste treatment refers to the recovery, neutralisation and final disposal of waste.