Prices of dwellings 

Updated: 29.1.2016 - Next update: 28.4.2016

Statistics Finland, Prices of dwellings

Description of indicator

Price index of dwellings describe the development in the prices of old dwellings in housing companies.

Real price index indicates the change in real prices compared with the index base time period (year 2000). The real price index is derived by dividing the point figure of the nominal price index with the point figure of the Consumer Price Index of the corresponding time period and base year.
The information on old dwellings derive from the statistics on the prices of dwellings in housing companies compiled by Statistics Finland from the Tax Administration’s data. The preliminary data cover roughly two-thirds of completed transactions in old dwellings in blocks of flats and terraced houses. The data on new dwellings in blocks of flats are based on information on the transaction prices of the largest building contractors and estate agents. More detailed price data on dwellings in housing companies are available at .

The monthly and quarterly statistics are suitable for monitoring short-term price development whereas the annually produced statistics provide more detailed information on the housing market by area, such as numbers of completed transactions. The data are based on asset transfer tax statements.